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Patch247's gameplay for Texas Cheat 'Em (PS3)

Patch247 earned trophies in Texas Cheat 'Em

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Patch247 said...
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Texas Cheat 'Em

Texas Cheat 'Em (PS3)

Genre/Style: Traditional/Card Game
Release Date: 14/MAY/09
The Power of Suggestion
The Power of Suggestion (Silver)

Use a "Suggestion" Cheat to assemble a full house or greater

You Low Down, Dirty!
You Low Down, Dirty! (Bronze)

Win a hand by using the "Guaranteed Win" Cheat

Sticky Fingers
Sticky Fingers (Bronze)

Steal another player's chips

You're Missing The Point Here
You're Missing The Point Here (Bronze)

Win a hand with a Straight or better without using any cheats

Nosey Parker
Nosey Parker (Bronze)

Use the Target X-Ray Cheat on another player

Overkill (Bronze)

Use five or more Cheats in a single hand

Like a Bad Rash
Like a Bad Rash (Bronze)

Win a hand after folding and then using "Unfold"

Luck O' the Draw
Luck O' the Draw (Bronze)

Increase your hand to a Straight or above using Player Swap or Deck Swap

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